Double Zipper Woven Pouch

Double Zipper Woven Pouch

I desperately needed a vacation and found a crafter retreat.

I have wanted to get back to my weaving for a while. When I was planning on what to bring on my weekend getaway, I thought I should take this opportunity to get some weaving done.

I had planned to make a scarf. I had thought I would make a pattern based on houndstooth.

Then on the very morning before I left, to be precise, at 7:30 in the morning while I was watching my kids slowly chewing their breakfast, I thought, “I don’t need another scarf…”

So within a few minutes, I changed my stash and packed my sewing machine.

I decided to do what I have always wanted to do: weave and sew it together. I was going to make a double zipper pouch for my daughter.

I got to the retreat, and spent an afternoon chatting with the others. After a fulsome dinner, we all sat around and we were all doing our thing.

I took out my notebook and started to figure out how much I needed to weave. Then it hit me that I didn’t know how to make a double zipper pouch.

I found a lovely video explaining how to sew the lining.

However, because the yarn I used, the fabric is going to be thick. So I had to redesign some parts of it to make the pouch slimmer.

The next morning, after some delicious sour dough and eggs in purgatory, I started warping on my Cricket Loom.

By the afternoon, I have already finished the weaving and decided to put up my courage to cut it.

And that was the big mistake.

My cloth started to fall apart.

I took a deep breath and tried to figure out what to do. Then a lovely lady came to rescue and suggested to use binding.

I haven’t quilted and I didn’t know what she meant by binding. She then explained that I could just take a strip of cotton fabric and wrap around the edge of the woven cloth.

But, wouldn’t it make it too thick?

It’s not until many hours later, I realized that I could make a thick binding so I can sew the zipper on the “empty” fold.

By then, it was already in late afternoon and I decided to call it a day.

After I got home, I got to work.

I started to bind the edges and started to put the zippers on.

Then, here it is! My first weave-to-sew project.

I can see the uneven weave, and I can see the crooked sewing, but it’s done.

And it will be better the next time.

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