My mother is a magician with her knitting needles.

I remember that she would knit while watching TV. During the commercial breaks, she would examine her work. Then all of a sudden, she would start ripping it only because she spotted a tiny mistake.

I remember thinking whatever she ripped off would have taken me weeks to complete.

I learned about knit and purl stitches when I was pretty young. My hands couldn’t hold the needles properly so they kept on slipping off and eventually I turned to crochet.

The summer after I graduated from the university, I was home a lot with my mother.

We went shopping at a store and saw a red sweater that I liked. It was about 90 Canadian dollars and I thought it was a little too much for me.

My mother looked at the sweater and said, “We can make it at home.”

We went and bought yarns at Lewiscraft, and I picked up the needles again with her help. I made the boring parts with plain knit and purl stitches, and she helped me to sew the pieces together.

Years later, that sweater is still red and still warm.

I started picking up knitting needles after my own kids have grown up a little. I do not have the same patience as my mother, so I knit small things.

Last Christmas, I asked my husband to get me Vogue Knitting. I then realized that I could try coming up with my own patterns.

So another journey begins.