Knitting Needles Case

Knitting Needles Case

I have a wooden box for my double pointed needles, but it is absolutely annoying trying to find the right size.

It has been on my “want-to-do” list to make a case for the needles for over a year. But I am new to sewing and it’s terrifying to start any project. I took a long time trying to find a pattern that might work, and trying to understand and learn about what are involved.

Then, my husband replaced our sofa cover. I decided to keep all the old cover as it is the kind of fabric that we like. The pressure of ruining some nice fabric is then off, and I decided to give it a go.

I found a tutorial on Show and Tell Meg, but I did my own measurements.

I didn’t want to just put numbers to label the needles, so I went to the internet for help on embroidery. I decided to use dandelions to label the sizes.

For closure, I decided to use a button. It is difficult to shop for parts in the pandemic and I have a box of buttons.

And I have never made a button hole! This is the very first button hole that I made.

The dandelion embroidery makes the case look like a picture.

The strap was painful to make. It took some patience to flip it right side out.

Now my needles look so organized.

Of course, there are so many things that I can see that needs improvements. Like the corners, like the case is actually too soft because I didn’t put any battings in, like it’s a gigantic case because my measurement was too “rough”. But I am happy with my first attempt on a project that is useful to me.

I made another one soon with a different embroidery idea: it is cat trying to catch stars, just in case you can’t tell what this little creature is.

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