About Sewing

My mother is a talented and crafty lady. She knits, crochets, sews and makes many many things that I cannot name.

I used to see her working on this old Singer sewing machine. The kind that you can put the machine into the stand and it became a table. It is a mechanical one that didn’t need a plug.

About Knitting

My mother is a magician with her knitting needles. I remember that she would knit while watching TV. During the commercial breaks, she would examine her work. Then all of a sudden, she would start ripping it only because she spotted a tiny mistake. I remember thinking whatever she ripped off would have taken me weeks to complete. I learned about knit and purl stitches when I was pretty young. My hands couldn’t hold the needles properly so they kept on slipping off and eventually I turned to crochet. The summer after I graduated from the university, I was home…