How to Add a Pocket

This is to add a pocket to the side of the skirt. We will first introduce different components and terms so hopefully this tutorial would be easy to understand.

Prepare the front and the back panels.

For both panels, there are “right” sides, or the side that are worn to be seen. The “wrong” sides are the side touching our skin.

Prepare the fabric for the pockets.

“Top Panel” refers to the panel touching the back of the hand when we put our hands inside the pocket. This can be the lining of the skirt.

“Bottom Panel” refers to the panel we touch with our palms. Use the same fabric as the front panel of the skirt when cutting the bottom pocket panel.

Make sure both pocket panels have the same curves as the skirl front and back panels.

Take the pocket “Bottom Panel” and skirt “Back Panel”, right sides facing each other and sew them together.

Take the pocket “Top Panel” and skirt “Front Panel”, right sides facing each other, and sew them together.

When the above steps are completed, press and open the seams.

Pin the two pocket panels together, with right sides facing each other. Sew around the pockets.

Pin the skirt panels together. Make sure mark where the pocket opening should be, like the pins in the picture.

Sew from the top until the first pin, on the seam where we sew the skirt panel and the pocket panel together.

Sew from the second pin until the end of the panels, again on the seam where we first sew the skirt and the pocket panels together.

Press the seams and the pocket is complete.

Because we use the same fabric for the skirt “Front Panel” and pocket “Bottom Panel”, the opening would be quite invisible.

If the fabric has certain design patterns on it, make sure they match when sewing the pieces together.

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