Sewing Tutorials

Knitting Needles Case

I have a wooden box for my double pointed needles, but it is absolutely annoying trying to find the right size. It has been on my “want-to-do” list to make a case for the needles for over a year. But I am new to sewing and it’s terrifying to start any project. I took a[…]

How to Sew a Seam

Press two separate pieces of fabric. Align the fabric pieces and pin to secure Load the pinned fabric pieces on the sewing machine. Align the edge of the fabric pieces according to the width of the seam. Press the sewn seam flat on both sides Press open the inside of the seam Press the surface[…]

How to Sew a Zipper

Start with two separate pieces of fabric. Sew a 1″ seam. Start with a finer stitch until where the zipper should end. Back stitch one or two stitch. Continue with the largest stitch on the sewing machine, so it would be easy to remove later. Press the seam. Mark 5⁄8″ and 6⁄8″ from the edge[…]

How to Sew a Dart

Trace the pattern onto the fabric. Make sure to trace the circles on the lines: they are to mark when to switch the stitch widths. Pin the fabric along the traced lines. This is to make sure the lines are matched precisely back and front. Pin along the dart to secure the fabric together. Pin[…]